instagram: @byalisondias

Alison Dias is an Indian multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Hong Kong. She is currently based in New York City where she graduated with a BFA Photography and Minor in Film Production from Parsons School of Design in May 2021. She now works at America's fastest growing digital-marketing agency as a Content Creator and Production Coordinator. 

"I was never able to articulate my understanding of the world until I picked up a camera. As a third-culture child who was shunned by my peers for being ‘different’, I often questioned my own existence and how it differed in my own versus another’s mind. Photography became both a tool and an outlet to express my deep struggles with my own identity that is rooted in the history of issues such as racism, colourism, sexism and childhood abuse and trauma. Not only does my work consist of self and familial documentation, but has also become a source for which people can come to learn the collective struggles of issues existing within the Asian community."

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